Safely and Effectively Whiten Your Smile with Philips Zoom Whitening

We Recommend Zoom Whitening

Whitening your teeth is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your smile after your orthodontic treatment ends. There are a lot of ways to whiten your teeth. For best results, consult with Dr. Bonafide first about your options. Whitening works differently for everyone. We can help determine the best method for you.

Smile Orthodontics Whitens Your Smile in a Safe, Customizable Way

Our Philips Zoom Whitening system is a great option that can help get your teeth up to eight shades whiter in as little as one visit. It’s the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment because it not only works, it works really well. The Philips Zoom system is supervised by our team and is safe and customizable. It makes use of desensitizers — to reduce sensitivity and protect tooth enamel — and has intensity settings that can be adjusted to ensure your comfort.

Come Get the Smile of Your Dreams

Our team is dedicated to making your smile the best it can be. While you should definitely wait until your orthodontic treatment is over to pursue any whitening goals, if you want a whiter, more beautiful smile that’s a pleasure to show off, give us a call at 877-316-7516 so we can make a plan for post-braces whitening.